Chara Tea uses a proprietary tea extraction process to maximize flavor. While other companies use artificial flavoring, Chara Tea is just a short walk away from thousands of fruit trees. We are proud members of the Veteran Farmer Coalition, and pride ourselves on producing everything in the bottle from scratch from clean and responsible sources. We have innovative products coming in just a few months that will redefine the beverage industry. Stay tuned!!!
New Developments Coming Soon:
  • Affordable bottled tea using the rare healing properties of Manuka Honey
  • New low calorie alcoholic version of Chara Tea coming this summer
  • Herbal Lemonades
  • Loose Leaf Tea
  • Ultra High Quality Merch
  • Herman Foundation
  • No Sugar, Plastic, or preservatives- Chara Tea is ridding itself of sugar, plastic packaging, and preservatives. We are ensuring all tastes is the same without the drawbacks